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Pure Digital Services

Alexa ArriRAW, 16:9 and new Studio 4:3 workflows

Sony F65, 16bit RAW workflows

Canon C300 & C500 complete solutions

  • Full Digital Motion Picture Lab and Storage/Archive Services
  • Transcoding - DPXs, AVID DNxHD, ProRes, H264, PIX and more...
  • Digital Negative Storage - Protect and archive your Production, LTO 5, SANs and more...
  • Digital Processing with full location database support
  • Mobile Location Service vehicle support - new lab services and location builds
  • 3D LUT services - Alexa Log-C, F65 S-Log, Avid, ProRes.
  • Colour Timing on location - full colourist support for full ASC & ACES III pipeline
  • On Location Editorial - Avid and FCP support
  • Uncompressed workflows for the very best Digital Negative - Arriraw, F65, Canon, Blackmagic and more...

High Speed Digital Processing

Fast Digital Processing

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